• Purpose

    Real benefit employees
    Genuine Interest Client
    Straight benefit society
  • value

    Integrity altruism
    Focused rigorous
    Lean innovation
  • Mission

    Dedicated to the well-being of all employees, both material and spiritual
    1.Provide employees with a platform for continuous growth and self-worth.
    2.Create value for customers while providing better products and the most moving services.
    3. To contribute to the economic development of society and the progress of civilization.
  • Vision

    Committed to becoming a leading technology and advanced managementSpecial steel finishing processing enterprises
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    Section steel

    Our products are used in bulk in high-speed car windows and stay in good condition at a high speed of 350km/h over a long period of time
    We have always been committed to the development of a new type of glass technology, in which hot bending glass technology is one of the core technologies of the company. While ensuring the accuracy of the hot bending body, it effectively maintains good optical performance and optical distortion. # 039; The surface quality can meet the requirements of the wind shield level. .. ..

    Liaoning Xindali-type steel Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 and is located near the Shenyang Geopo Scenic Area.(The former Shenyang Northern Cold Pull-type Steel Plant was built in 1988 and has a history of nearly 30 years). It is a professional production of cold pull steel. High-tech enterprises with different types of steel. My company is the Northeast production scale, quality of the private steel industry cold processing base.
    We strive for a higher level of special steel research and development and application. Through unremitting exploration and progress, let our customers become our mentor, after 26 years of wind and rain, now has a large number of technical elite and professional technical talents. Now purchase large advanced equipment to develop new products, so that enterprises have always maintained a high level of industry.

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